Vaijanti Mala - Significance, Use & Benefits

Vaijanti Mala Benefits and Significance


The value of the garlands and seeds offered to different deities during puja cannot be overstated. These items exude a certain energy that draws in Saatvik frequencies, which purify the air and make it conducive to prayer to the designated god. Flowers, garlands, and seeds made from the sacred plant Vaijayanti are presented to Hindu gods and goddesses. The religious flower, Vaijayanti or Vaijanti, has physiological connections to the ginger and banana plants. A Vaijanti mala can be any shade or a mix of white, grey, orange, yellow, and red. If you are looking for one, count on Holistic Kart, your very own holistic wellness product center.


Vaijanti mala, which means "the garland of victory," is the name of a string of beads worn to celebrate a victory. A rosary or garland is a mala, and the phrase Vaijanti means victory. In the old sacred narrative of the Mahabharata, this heavenly mala is referred to as "Vanamali," a different name for Lord Vishnu. In Sanskrit, vana means "forest" and mali means "to adorn oneself with a garland." Together, these two words form the term "Vanamali."

The Vaijanti mala tree has its roots in the Braj jungle. It is said that the God and Goddess enjoy everlasting love in the Braj jungle. Lord Krishna is said to have given Radha a mala crafted from the seeds of the Vaijanti flower. The avatar of Vishnu, Lord Ram, similarly crafted a Vaijanti flower garland for Mata Sita. In addition, the garland of victory was crafted from lotus flowers, which do not wither, as mentioned in the Mahabharata. Today, however, the canna lily and other flowers are sometimes incorrectly identified as the original Vaijanti flower. The true Vaijanti plant is elusive because it looks like ordinary tall grass; without flowers or seed pods, it is impossible to tell the two apart. The Vaijanti mala, which Lord Vishnu wears, is said to be the key that unlocks the gates of Vaikuntha (home of Lord Vishnu). As a symbol of the feminine Divine Powers, the Vaijanti flower is revered as a living being. In Hindu mythology, the Supreme Goddess Shakti is said to have her home in the seeds of the Vaijanti flower. With her feminine qualities, she rules over the whole human race.


When doing the Lord Vishnu Puja or Homam, or when worshiping Lord Krishna, a garland formed of the seeds of Vaijanti flowers is considered heavenly and of great value. These magical seeds are woven into garlands dedicated to Hinduism's supreme gods, Vishnu and Krishna.

  • The 108 + 1 beads on the Vaijanti seed garland are used for reciting mantras.
  • The Vaijanti mala is considered to have feminine powers that, together with the blessings of Lord Krishna and Lord Vishnu, bring victory and accomplishments in every walk of life, and the believer is also bestowed with Devi Siddhi if the Vishnu mantra "Om Namoh Bhagavate Vasudevaya" is chanted upon it daily.
  • Vaijanti mala protects an individual from evil eyes and negative energies.
  • The devotee's doshas are also brought into harmony through prayer while using the Vaijanti mala. Those who pray with this potent mala are believed to be showered with the charisma and charm of a star.
  • This mala has twin purposes: as a talisman to ward off bad energy and evil spirits; and as a meditation tool to help you focus your mind.
  • Many devotees use this holy mala to chant mantras to Vishnu, Rama, and Krishna during meditation.


The Vaijanti mala represents love and victory over hardship. Lord Krishna favored it because of its association with peace, and it is crafted with alluring Vaijanti pearls. Vaijayanti, a glistening seed, is the source of Vaijayanti. You may use this mala to recite the Lord Krishna mantra, since it is one of Krishna's favorites. After knowing about so many benefits and uses of this mala, you must be wondering where to buy it. Do not go anywhere else, as we have what you need. At Holistic Kart, you can get the Vaijanti mala of 108+1 Beads (32 inches) at the best price.


Vaijanti Mala


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