About Us

Our Vision 

Holistic Kart is a wellness product centre which started with an idea to promote holistic well-being in the society. Our objective is to heal the self naturally and help in the union of the mind, body and soul of every individual. We believe that each and every soul being fundamentally unique has an exceptional path to walk, in order to realize its highest potential. In order to grow into our true self, it is necessary to inculcate patience. In today’s fast paced life, we often forget to live simply and connect to our self. Keeping that in mind we offer genuine products which supports self-care and an organic lifestyle.

Our founder, while providing service in the yoga capital of the world, Rishikesh, was fascinated to see individuals from different western countries participate in our ancient Indian traditions. During this time, he realized the limited scope for the interested westerners to avail genuine spiritual products easily. The perspective of this service is to support the conscious lifestyle by making the required products easily available to the spiritual souls of the western land.

Our Mission 

Our mission is very simple. We aim to promote natural and conscious living. We at Holistic Kart believe that nature has its own means of balancing self and the environment around us. We advocate the ancient techniques of healing with our natural products. In order to resonate with the divine being one must deeply resonate with the nature. In recent times the world has realized the importance of living a more natural life. Our team helps to make this noble idea easily achievable with worldwide shipping of products. With emergence of various stressors and mental health problems in our day-to-day life, Holistic Kart attempts to make a contribution to create a more positive and a healthier world. 

Our Values

Promote a healthy and conscious lifestyle 

By adopting the practice of yoga and meditation, one chooses to live a more mindful life every day. 


We only believe in offering authentic products for fulfillment of true self.

Spread love and positivity 

By the means of practicing self-love, only then we would be able to spread love around us.

Value the uniqueness of every individual 

Each individual has something exceptional to offer. Our variety of products advocate the uniqueness of each individual.

Transform life naturally 

We aim to promote a sustainable life which has a significant and positive effect physiologically, psychologically, and spiritually.