Moonstone Mala: Benefits, Usage and Properties



Moonstone is created from the mineral group of feldspar. The shimmer of light in the crystal is known as adularescence. The most exquisite moonstones are found in Sri Lanka and parts of Southern India. It should be stored away from harder gemstones to avoid scratching. The clarity of the crystal may be transparent or opaque. Using the Moonstone Mala for meditation makes a person more receptive and introspective of self and their environment and helps to tap into the subconscious. This gem is considered an allegory of intuition and fertility which makes the Moonstone Mala an elegant addition to the collection. 

Spiritual Properties of Moonstone Japa mala

  • Moonstone Japa malas carry a sacred significance in the spiritual world. 
  • It represents the divine feminine energy. 
  • It is also associated with the water energy among the elements.
  • It is connected to the energies of the planet moon. 
  • It is said to heal and protect the self from negative energies.
  • The talisman enhances intuition and psychic abilities in an individual. 
  • From the astrological point of view, during cancer season individuals generally feel instability in emotions and are easily overwhelmed. Meditating using the Moonstone Mala helps to balance those emotions and brings a calming effect to the mind.  
  • The crystal is linked with the heart, third eye, and crown chakra which helps to progress in the path of practicing kundalini yoga.  It opens and balances the heart chakra.
  • According to folklore, if one keeps a moonstone under the pillow, it tends to bring beautiful dreams during sleep at night. 
  • Moonstone helps in lucid dreaming, especially during the full moon.
  •  It also increases the skills of clairvoyance in a psychic healer. 

Benefits of Moonstone Mala

  • The Moonstone Mala also plays an important role in balancing the emotional, physiological, and social aspects of life. 
  • The yin energy of the crystal cures menstrual problems and increases fertility. 
  • Moonstone eliminates harmful toxins from the body and balances the hormonal cycle during pregnancy and childbirth. 
  • It helps in cleansing the digestive system and treats diseases connected to the liver, pancreas, spleen, and stomach.
  • It helps to deal with obesity. 
  • Moonstone Mala helps to calm the mind and manage anger issues.
  • It also unlocks and enhances the creative abilities of individuals in creative fields like writers, musicians, and artists. 
  • The crystal provides profound emotional healing. 
  • It releases stress and fear. 
  • It also bestows protection to travelers at night, especially while traveling over the sea.
  • It increases the quality of acceptance in an individual. 
  • According to astrology, the moon during its different phases affects the mood and emotions of people. The Moonstone Mala helps to balance the cycle of change in life during these phases.
  • Another key benefit of this mala is that it attracts love and abundance and promotes youth. 
  • It evokes the nurturing and sensitive side of the being.

Significance of Moonstone in Astrology

The planet moon in astrology signifies the mind and the complex structure of thoughts and emotions. It shows how self-actualized one is to feel the divine mother within them. It denotes being empathetic and the capability to nurture others with compassion. Moonstone helps to overcome the ill effects of the planet moon in the chart. If the moon is debilitated, or weak in the chart it leads an individual to experience its malefic results in the form of confusion, indecisiveness, lack of concentration in studies, weak memory, ill health, conflict with mother, and easily irritable. Moonstone Mala can help overcome these ill effects and promote peace in life. If someone feels stuck or is unable to see growth in his professional life, they may use this japa mala. Relationships especially with the mother also improve after using this crystal. If the mind is restless and burdened with thoughts, the moonstone helps to declutter the mind and gain clarity. 

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How to use Moonstone Mala

In today's fast-paced life an individual hardly finds time for introspection and contemplation. Individual needs to spend time with themselves and perform activities that help them to connect to the spiritual being within. Failure to do so leads to unclear conscience, overthinking, and imbalanced regulation of emotions which in turn affects the physiological and psychological health of a person. The benefits of the crystal can be gained by meditating on the Moonstone Mala. Some people due to hectic schedules may not find time for meditation. They can also gain the same benefits by wearing a moonstone crystal bracelet which promotes overall positive well-being and peace in life. It also reveals an aesthetic and charismatic aura of an individual. Get your hands on the most distinguished and elegant Moonstone Crystal Bracelets from Holistic Kart

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