Moonstone Mala
Moonestone beads
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moonstone mala
moonstone beads
moonstone mala
Chanting Bag or Japa Mala bag or Japa Beads Bag
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Moonstone Rosary | Mala | Prayer Beads | 108+1 Beads | 6mm

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Moonstone Rosary, also called Chandrakant Mala, is made up of a semi-precious gemstone that brings calmness and emotional balance. This mala is made using natural moonstone beads that you can use for chanting or doing Japa and wearing it. It is used in many traditions such as Buddhism, Christianity, and Hinduism. Moonstone is an elegant shimmery stone that consists of orthoclase and Albite. It is named after the magic of the Earth's moon and the stone's ability to flow through ebb and moon cycles. 

Benefits of Moonstone mala

  • This mala is linked to the energies of the moon. It helps to balance the emotions, thoughts, and overall mental well-being of an individual.
  • Moonstone rosary helps in healing relationships, especially romantic relationships, and advocates love.
  • It arouses intuitive powers within a person.
  • It enhances creativity within a person.
  • Moonstone mala offers you the best fortune and brings success to your professional life.
  • It is believed to balance the hormonal cycles in women
  • Moonstone possesses a reflective and calming energy for which it assists in strengthening your intuition and your psychic perception. 
  • This prayer bead on using calm your soul and your mind so that you can focus on what is vital in your life.

Moonstone mala for doing Japa

Moonstone Rosary consists of 108 beads, and when you do Japa using this mala, it assists in cleansing all negativity from all of your chakras. It mainly impacts the Sacral Chakra and offers balance to the Heart Chakra and Third Eye Chakra, thereby assisting one to obtain more excellent emotional balance and gracefulness. You can wear this powerful moonstone mala to get all the healing benefits. If you possess a meditation altar, keeping your moonstone mala on it empowers and activates the space for healing.

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Eddie Pusey
Looks amazing

Nice gift to my mom

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So pretty!

Love my purchase.