Japa Mala Beads For Stress and Anxiety

Japa malas are a type of prayer beads that usually contain 108+1 beads. It is used to promote mindfulness, regardless of religion, especially in yogic practices. A tool to calm the mind and quickly shift the attention to the present moment. These prayer beads for stress and anxiety are an excellent addition to the meditation practice and mantra meditation. Mantras are usually repeated and allow one to focus on the meaning or sound of the mantra. 

Japa Mala or prayer beads can be made from different elements of nature and crystals, each of which has different properties and meanings, which may hold different energies and personal meanings to the user. Japa mala meditation is associated with many health benefits. It can help decrease stress, improve sleep, and reduce anxiety, depression, and other mental distresses. 

Malas for Stress and Anxiety

Prayer beads for stress and anxiety


Amethyst is one of the best stress-relieving crystals. This precious stone balances the mind by reducing the effect of negative emotions like fear, anger, sadness and anxiety. The purple hue of the stone creates a calming sensation in the individual. Amethyst enhances concentration and reduces distracted thoughts, which helps improve the decision-making process.

Rose quartz

The Rose quartz crystal heals emotional wounds and relieves fear and stress. The pink stone helps to reflect on past trauma through self-discovery. The stone boosts self-confidence and enhances self-love and compassion. It is also believed to heal the root chakra by releasing pain and anxiety. It is one of the finest prayer beads for anxiety release.


Colourful agate gemstones have multiple benefits, and each coloured stone has its purpose and benefits. It is a famous stone that balances our unique inner self and the outer world. Agate crystals are perfect for relieving stress and anxiety. It helps to calm and soothe the mind and release trauma, anger and other stressful emotions. 


Another prime japa mala beads for anxiety are the Sphatik beads. It helps to builds focus and relieves stress and tension throughout the body. The stone's energy gets rid of negativity and allows positive vibrations to and amplifies them. This crystal promotes mental clarity and enhances intuition. It soothes the mind with its cooling properties and ensures proper sleep. 


Moonstone helps to relieve various psychological ailments like depression and anxiety. The stone stabilizes emotions and promotes a sense of calmness. Moonstone is a tranquil talisman that nourishes and balances feminine energy when stress and doubt open the individual's mind to new possibilities. 


The natural scent of sandalwood boosts serotonin hormone production, reducing stress levels. It is a relaxant proven to reduce anxiety, calm the nervous system and improve sleep quality. The sandalwood mala balances the pitta dosha and cools down the mind and body. These japa mala beads for stress help to relax and unwind.


The Tulsi plant signifies purity and cleanses the mind, body and soul. It is mainly used to chant the names of Lord Vishnu, Krishna and Rama. The tulsi prayer beads are very light, making them easy to carry around. This japa mala for stress also removes various health issues, including throat ailments such as the flu, asthma, and colds. It decreases blood pressure, cholesterol and also heals sinus and skin infections. It is very beneficial to control anger and remove anxiety. The tulsi prayer beads attracts positivity in life and protects against harmful spirits.

Tiger eye

The tiger eye japa malas for anxiety promotes protection and brings positive shifts in daily life. It is renowned for bringing wealth and success. It also instills bravery in people and aids them in overcoming their fears and anxieties. The tiger eye mala helps to maintain calm in the face of difficulties. It also eliminates distractions and improves focus. 

Red Coral 

Red coral japa mala consists of various physical and emotional benefits. Physical benefits include healing gastrointestinal, gynaecological and blood-related conditions. It also encourages advancement in business, profession, and finance. The red coral mala helps to maintain a stable, long-lasting marriage. The mala reduces procrastination and improves focus. It also aids in overcoming anxiety and fear. 


Lines running the length of the stone act as boundaries between the various faces or mukhi that make up the Rudraksha stone. Stones usually have 1 to 21 faces, and most have 4 to 6 faces. Based on the zodiac sign and ruling planet, Rudrakshas are generally assigned to each individual. Rudraksha stone helps the devotee of Lord Shiva get closer to his divine energy. This japa mala for stress and anxiety cures insomnia and restlessness, and makes the mind calm. It also helps to release old pain and increase intelligence.  

How To Choose Japa Mala Beads

Japa Mala beads for stress and anxiety come in a variety of styles and colours. These prayer beads may be made from seeds, precious stones, wood, or other earth elements. A meditation mala mainly promotes relaxation and peace. So the mala must resonate with the individual. One may ask the following questions to oneself while choosing the mala:

  • What is my intention?
  • What does the mala signify?
  • Am I resonating with the energy of the mala?
  • Does the specific bead or crystal of the mala hold a special meaning to me?

How To Perform Japa Mala Meditation 

How to perform japa mala meditation

Control your breath 

Using the breath to meditate on a japa mala is one of the easiest ways to stay in the present moment. It also helps to improve your Pranayama practice. By moving one bead with each full breath (inhale and exhale), you can perform your japa meditation. 

Repeat a mantra 

One may also try the japa mantra meditation. The mantra helps to set the intention and deepen the meditation. One may repeatedly chant a phrase or a long mantra by pulling each bead towards them. Mantras can be of different types. For instance, 'Om', Gayatri Mantra, affirmations like "I am calm and safe", etc. 

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