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Tiger eye mala
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Tiger Eye Mala | Rosary | Prayer Beads | 108+1 Beads

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Tiger Eye Mala – Eliminate the fear in you by using a Tiger eye mala

The Tiger eye is a beautiful stone famous for its similarity with the natural eye of the tiger. It is gorgeous and easily attracts every eye. Along with its beauty, its benefits are also numerous. A tiger eye mala helps in fulfilling desires and is primarily worn as an amulet for giving protection against evil energies or eyes. A tiger eye mala is made from natural and pure authentic tiger eye gemstones. Usually, a tiger eye gemstone is a crystal having stripes of golden yellow color. It is called the tiger eye, as it highly resembles a tiger's eye.

Benefits of tiger eye mala

  • It balances your mind, soul, and body
  • Helps to integrate the two hemispheres of the brain and bring balance
  • Increases focus
  • Enhances courage, willpower, self-confidence
  • Releases fear and anxiety
  • Individual manifests strong positive energy
  • Enhances decision-making skill
  • It reduces the harmful effects of Planet Ketu.
  • It eliminates confusion and helps you in getting mental clarity

How can you use a Tiger Eye Mala?

  • You can wear a tiger eye mala around your neck or wrist
  • You can use it for doing Japa
  • You can place it in the puja (the act of worshipping God) room
  • You can control it in your purse or pocket
  • You can also keep it under your pillow or inside of your bed.

Tiger Eye Mala for Japa

One who uses a tiger eye mala never gets frightened of anything as it symbolizes the power of the lion in it and develops robust and positive vibes in the environment. The number of beads in this mala is 108+1, and if you do Japa using this mala, it will stimulate the solar plexus chakra, base chakra, and sacral chakra. In these chakras, the tiger eye mala has a maximum effect. One can gain high psychic powers by doing Japa using a tiger eye mala. The 108 beads help you chant mantras 108 times without getting disturbed by counting. Instead, you can focus on the sound and vibration of the mantra or names.

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Customer Reviews

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Sandy Meneses
Absolutely amazing

The beads are genuine and feels great.

Beth Thom
Pretty mala

Best mala to wear all the time. Goes with all attire.