Crystal Mala For Meditation

Crystal Mala for Meditation


Meditation is the next big thing, in the wellness and holistic arena, or so they say. You may have tried meditating a number of times, but you may have found it very challenging. It is actually a lot more challenging that it seems, at first instance. Developing mindfulness is better said than done. Tracking each breath of yours may be a huge task in itself. However, you will get a few props, which will aid you in the process. Meditation tools, like the crystal mala give you additional support in your pursuits to calm the mind. The tools can also distract you from your physical discomfort, of that of sitting for a prolonged time in a certain pose. 

Let us firstly tell you a bit about meditation. 

What is Meditation?

You can call it a science, or an art, or a skill, with the help of which, you can focus your attention on a single object for prolonged periods of time. There is no such evidence, but it is believed, that people began practicing meditation at least 5,000 years ago. The first scriptures pointing towards meditation, as a spiritual practice goes back to 1,500 B.C. Although many people connect it with Eastern spiritual practices, it is also done non-religiously. Moreover, there are different types of meditation, like mindfulness meditation, Zen meditation, mantra meditation, and so on. 

You should meditate on a daily basis to clear the internal clutter. It can also change the thought patterns of the mind. Many people have reportedly got rid of their fears and anxiety, with the help of meditation. If you learn how to identify your thought patterns, you can think clearly. 

Tools of Meditation 

Now, it is really very important to know, that meditation tools like rosaries, meditation seats, crystal mala, and beads, give additional support to the person, who might otherwise get distracted. Many people love wearables, and the mala is one of them. The malas, mostly contain 108 beads, no matter, if it’s just wooden beads, or crystals. Additionally, you will find one large-sized guru bead as well, with a tassel. The beads can be made from crystals, semi-precious stones, and precious stones as well. Sometimes, sandalwood is also used, and so are Tulsi seeds. 

You can count the mantras, by counting the mantras, as you move your hands over the beads. The crystal mala bead acts as a personal ritual. Beginners use the malas more than the proficient ones. The beads offer a sort of rhythm, with the mantra and breath patterns. Crystal is particularly as very powerful aid in meditation. It is colorless and made from silicon dioxide. 

Types of Crystal Malas

Mala is a word, that comes from Sanskrit language. They are often used in meditation and prayer. Crystals absorb energy and also transmit energy. You will find a variety of crystal malas, each having a different purpose. Crystal malas have the power to negate harmful influence and draws or attracts positive ones. 

Quartz Mala 

Quartz Mala

The clear quartz crystal is one of the most popular crystals found today. Moreover, it is found in abundance. You can also find colored varieties of the stone. However, they are not just quartz. They are combined with other minerals, to generate different stones. Candle-shaped and hexagonal stone formations are quite common. If you see the healers around you, you will find carrying quartz crystals. If you are into meditation, then these clear crystals will aid you in grounding. Another mazing factor about quartz crystals, is their amplifying power. Quartz can magnify energies. 

Rose Quartz Mala

Rose Quartz Mala

It is a variety of the quartz crystal. It is also quite popular as Hyaline quartz. You will find the stone to be translucent and with a light baby pink color. The Rose quartz signifies love and passion. It mainly acts on the heart and throat chakra. There is something soft and female-like about the rose quartz. It can also bring harmony to the surroundings. It can also heal family ties and relationships. So, you understand that it is not only about sexual love or energies. It can help in creating a deeper bond amongst family members. The Romans, Greeks, and the Egyptians were simply in love with their rose quartz crystals. 

Tiger Eye Mala

Tiger Eye Mala

You must have seen the appearance of the Tiger’s Eye. Much of its healing capabilities come from its appearance. It signifies warriors. The warriors in the olden days wore the tiger’s eye crystal mala and wen to war. The tiger’s eye stone also helps to ward off the evil eye. You will be amazed to know, that the Chinese also considered the stone to bring good fortune to the wearer. 

If you are timid in nature, you should make it a point to meditate with the stone, or you can also wear it as a mala. The properties of the tiger’s eye will make you very bold. The Tiger’s eye also combines solar and terrestrial elements. It can ground as well. It can balance the Manipura chakra. If you carry the Tiger’s Eye crystal mala with yourself, you will slowly absorb its energies. 

Hakik Mala

Pink Hakik Mala

It is another very popular crystal bead. You can see many people referring to it, as Agate. Agate is mainly used for healing and grounding. It is a semi-precious healing stone. If you wear this stone on a regular basis, you will be charged with positivity. You will find it in some amazing shades or red, purple, blue, and black. You can use Black Agates for the Root Chakra, and Blue Lace Agates for the Throat Chakra. Apart from the above-mentioned properties, it has many others. The stone can also balance the yin and yang energies. Moreover, it can also heal the muscles, joints, and lymphatic pains. It also tends to improve focus. 

You will find the crystal mala bead, to be extremely beneficial for various ailments, of that of physical and mental nature. You can choose your beads or malas today and get started with your spiritual journey. It will create an aura around you, and you will gain a lot of positivity, too.