All You Need To Know About Rudraksha: A Complete Guide

Meaning Of Rudraksha

Meaning Of Rudraksha

"Rudra" denotes Lord Shiva, and "Aksha" means tears. Lord Shiva is said to have shed tears during meditation, which grew into rudraksha trees when they touched the ground. However, there are many versions of these stories. The rudraksha seed is believed to hold the secret evolution of the universe. Rudraksha bead is a gift to humanity from Lord Shiva and contains divine knowledge and energies acquired after rigorous atonement to uplift humanity physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Rudraksha beads have powerful mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual healing abilities. It also plays a role in balancing the chakras. The variety of shapes and the number of faces or mukhis determine the beads' value and importance in various aspects of life. It also brings success in business, education, and relationships. People, regardless of caste, religion, nationality, or gender, can utilize the sacred rudraksha mala and receive Lord Shiva's blessings. Rudraksha beads range from 1 mukhi to 21 mukhi. Each bead identifies the energy around us regarding health, prosperity, intuition, material well-being, and personal development.  

Properties Of Rudraksha Bead

Rudraksha beads contain electromagnetic properties. As a result, it relieves stress and blood pressure. Mental and physical stress disrupts the flow of electromagnetic waves giving rise to unpleasant emotions and discomfort. The current flow is finely tuned with the heartbeat and sends impulses to the brain. These impulses in the brain create biochemicals and lead to a positive mood. Wearing a rudraksha mala balances our mind and body and puts an end to anomalies. 

Benefits Of Rudraksha Bead

  • Eliminates negative energy 
  • Removes fatigue and boosts energy levels 
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Enhances concentration
  • Eliminates unwarranted anxiety
  • Strengthens decision-making abilities
  • Bestows the blessings of Lord Shiva
  • Protects against evil forces
  • Increases awareness 
  • Promotes courage and wisdom
  • Enhances physical well being 
  • Strengthens the constitutions of the body as per Ayurveda
  • If one tends to travel frequently, this bead acts as a protective shield and provides stability

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Use Of Rudraksha Bead in Spiritual Practices

Use Of Rudraksha Bead

Rudraksha beads are considered one of the most powerful talismans on the path to self-realization. They are mainly used in sacred spiritual practices. To get the most out of the Rudraksha beads, one may wear them on their neck in contact with their skin. It may also be used during meditation and mantra chanting practices. 'Om Namah Shivaya' or any other mantra chanted using the rudraksha mala brings unlimited benefits, as stated in the Shiva Purana.

Cleansing Of Rudraksha Bead

Rudraksha mala may be cleansed every six months. To cleanse, soak the bead mala in ghee (clarified butter) for 24 hours and then in whole milk for another 24 hours. Rinse with water and wipe with a clean cloth. Avoid washing it with soap or other detergents. The mala can also be worn during a shower, especially if one takes a cold water bath and doesn't use chemical soap.

How To Find Genuine Rudraksha 

Rudraksha malas may range from high to medium quality. But due to its high demand, traders often sell fake rudraksha beads. For example, there may be carvings of extra lines or sacred symbols across the rudraksha bead. Nowadays, a poisonous seed called badraksh grows widely in some regions of India, which looks similar to a rudraksha seed. One can only tell the difference if they hold it in their hand and are intuitive. These must be avoided and not worn. Thus, getting the rudraksha bead mala from a trusted source is crucial.