Can I Drink Hot Water In Copper Bottle?

Research has produced a variety of recommendations over the years regarding the amount of water consumed daily. However, an individual may need water depending on many factors, including health status, activity level, and the environment. One loses water daily through sweating, urinating, and bowel movements. For proper physiological functioning, one must stay hydrated by consuming enough drinks and foods high in water. 

One might wonder a lot about drinking enough water and the source of drinking water but not so much about the container that holds it. As the range of options on the market continues to expand, copper water bottles are an option with extensive health benefits. Apart from being eco-friendly, copper water bottles are also reusable. 

Copper plays a major role in maintaining many, if not all, of the body's organs and systems. Drinking from copper water bottles aids in proper digestion and boosts the immune system. It is crucial to get as much copper as possible from your diet. For this reason, drinking water from a copper bottle can be beneficial.

How To Correctly Drink Water From A Copper Bottle?

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Since its discovery, copper has been India's primary choice for storing food and water. With the rise in health consciousness, healthy copper bottles and utensils have been introduced into the home in recent years. Storing water in copper bottles has many medicinal benefits. With proper use, one can reap the full benefits of copper-rich water. 

  •  Water must be stored in a copper water bottle for eight hours, preferably at midnight. Trace amounts of copper ions dissolve in the water, which acts as an antibacterial agent and can destroy various harmful microorganisms. It makes the water safe to drink and purifies the water. However, one must use copper bottles in moderation and avoid storing the same water for more than six to eight hours. 
  • One must avoid putting copper bottles in the freezer. Ayurveda suggests drinking room temperature or lukewarm water instead of cold water. Additionally, drinking cold water can freeze the enzymes in the gut, preventing the body from properly digesting food and extinguishing the digestive fire. Drinking cold water may constrict the blood vessels, making it even more likely that toxins will remain in the body instead of being drained from the lymphatic system.
  • A good time to drink water from a copper bottle is on an empty stomach in the morning.
  • Avoid using chemicals to clean copper bottles. Vinegar, lemon and salt work very well.
  • One must avoid storing acidic liquids in copper bottles. Other liquids, such as juice and milk, are incompatible with copper. Milk contains lactic acid. Juices such as orange juice contain citric acid. Copper may react with acidic liquids (pH below 7). Hence, it is best to avoid all liquids except water to store in copper bottles.

Can I Drink Hot Water In Copper Bottle?

Copper is a metallic element that ionizes and sterilizes water and is powerful enough to kill harmful microorganisms in the body. Hot water can adversely affect the bottle. It accelerates the copper reaction and can cause the water to produce more copper ions than required from the bottle. The higher the water temperature, the more metal, such as copper, is absorbed. Despite all its benefits, consuming excessive amounts of copper in food or water can lead to copper poisoning. It may cause malfunction of the physical and mental system. Since copper is a metal, it absorbs heat, making it difficult to hold the water bottle. However, it is acceptable to store lukewarm water and let it sit overnight in the copper water bottle. 

Conversely, drinking room temperature or lukewarm water supports the lymphatic system and flushes more toxins from the body over time Drinking from copper water bottles cleanses and hydrates deep-seated problems and heals the digestive system. According to Ayurveda, drinking room temperature or lukewarm water from copper water bottles is best. 

Best Copper Bottles To Buy

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Drinking from copper water bottles will promote extensive health benefits. To ensure genuine copper water bottles, one must buy their bottle from a reputable seller and must not fall for low prices as it tends to be inauthentic. A genuine copper water bottle will be handcrafted using traditional methods with no lacquer coating inside. As a result, each bottle will be unique and may have some imperfections that add to the piece. 

Various types of copper water bottles are found in the market nowadays. They are Plain Copper water bottles, Printed copper water bottles, and Hammered copper water bottles. All types are great. The plain copper water bottle easily blends with its luxurious look. The hammered copper water bottle has an increased surface area to absorb more copper nutrients. The printed copper bottles offer the same benefits as other copper bottles with its aesthetic and creative outer designs.