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pearl beads
pearl mala
Japa Mala bag or Chanting Bag or Japa Beads Bag
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Pearl Mala | Rosary | Prayer Beads | 108+1 Beads | 7mm

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We associate pearl with Planet Moon, which in turn signifies our mind. Pearl Mala or Peal Rosary benefits you significantly because of its resilient powers. Wearing Pearl Mala offers you good fortune, and you get the blessings of Maa Lakshmi, who is the Goddess of wealth. You become free from sins and get energy along with intelligence. It is believed that when Planet Moon is present in a dangerous position in your horoscope, it blocks prospects and helps you lead a relaxing and comfortable life.

Pearl Mala is used to soothing the harmful effects of Planet Moon or strengthen the planet in your horoscope. It signifies purity, integrity, and innocence, thereby attracting wealth and money, good luck, and prosperity. If you have an angered temperament, it has a calming effect on you. This pearl rosary with 108 + 1 cultured pearl beads of best quality interposed by knots can be used for wearing and for doing Japa.

Benefits of Pearl Mala

  • A pearl mala offers you richness and good fortune.
  • It prompts creativity and gives a wealth
  • Its impacts are cooling as well as soothing
  • Pearl beads pacify desires and mental discrepancy and make your heart strong
  • Pearl accommodates all 7 chakras and provides you with soft and healing energy at the time of meditation
  • Pearl beads offer you peace of mind and bring happiness in life
  • It assists in controlling your emotions.
  • Pearl helps control anger issues as well as stress
  • Pearl enhances your self-confidence and is helpful in conditions like dementia.

Pearl Mala for Japa

Pearl Prayer beads is generally used for doing Japa of Devi mantras, primarily Sarasvati and Bala and planet Moon. Pearl is often associated with several forms of Goddess, with the related planet being Moon and the corresponding element being water. Pearl Mala consists of 108 + 1 beads because of various reasons. The diameter of the Sun is 108 times more than Earth, that's why we have 108 beads, Ayurveda says there are 108 marma points in the human body. Each time we do Japa, it signifies a journey from the material self to the divine self.

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