Where can i buy a singing bowl

How do singing bowls work?

Singing Bowl

Tibetan singing or sound bowls can be played by striking or rimming the bowl with a wooden mallet. The type of sound produced by the sound bowl depends on its unique size and material. Singing bowls may be of various types, like metal or crystal bowls. Sound therapists and meditation teachers mainly use it in their spiritual centers and yoga studios. 

The different vibrations of a singing bowl hold the capacity to clear blockages in energy centers, promote stable regulation of emotions, and reduce stress and emotional pain. It produces healing frequencies, which help the parasympathetic system to activate and nurture the mind and body into deep relaxation. The sound waves of the singing bowl also alter the brain wave states. They also ensure physiological health benefits. For example, it boosts the immune system, improves blood circulation, and relieves joint pain, muscle pain, and headaches. 

How to purchase a singing bowl?

Before asking yourself where you can I buy a singing bowl, it is crucial to ask yourself how to select the right bowl. Selecting the right singing bowl depends on certain factors, like the bowl's quality, the bowl type, the bowl, the purpose of the bowl, vibrations, and its effect on the individual. The ancient Tibetan singing bowls are certified for their quality and antique nature. By its outer appearance, one may understand the difference between an antique and a new singing bowl. Antique singing bowls have a thinner underlying metal layer. And the new singing bowls have a more metallic and sharp look. The new bowl's tone is warm and rich and has a higher sound frequency. Antique bowls are also very expensive compared to the new singing bowls. New singing bowls are much more affordable and highly durable. 

To ensure the quality, playing the bowl before purchasing is advisable to decide the harmony of the tone that may resonate with every unique individual. If the sound of the bowl produces distinctive trembling sounds, then the bowl's quality may be poor. One may want a slightly heavier singing bowl that would sit on the hand and not distort the sound vibrations during a session. 

Singing bowls serve various purposes. It is used in meditation, chakra healing, yoga class, or sound therapy. While purchasing the singing bowl, knowing its purpose can be very helpful. For example, small bowls produce low tones, which are best for meditation, and high-frequency bowls help heal physical ailments. 

Where can I buy a singing bowl?

Singing bowls make an exceptional instrument for healing. It relieves emotional pain and stress and improves overall physical and mental health. By understanding the purpose of the singing bowl, one will be able to select the best bowl for themselves, which would enhance multiple areas of their life. The next question that comes to mind is where can I buy a genuine singing bowl that will serve my purpose correctly. 

One can buy singing bowls from various places. Most sound healing bowls are found in Buddhist regions like Nepal, Tibet, and India. It is mostly used in monasteries in the Himalayan region as a spiritual tool to heal people. But e-commerce has made it easy for the world to buy it from the comfort of home and spread its benefits worldwide. Holistic Kart is one of the most authentic stores to purchase your first singing bowl. They are reasonably priced, extremely durable, and manufactured from the foothills of the world's yoga capital, Rishikesh. One may use these multipurpose sound healing bowls for physical healing, meditation, and sound healing.