Sound Healing With Singing Bowls

You must be hearing a lot about sound healing today. It is quite an old belief that sounds have vibrations and frequencies that affect mood and aura. That is the reason, why music and sounds of different natures have the power to alleviate the mood. Sound Healing is an ancient healing modality, that uses sounds of different frequencies, to bring the body to a state that is said to be in perfect harmony with the universe. It is what, shamans and yogis called a balanced state. 

So, how do you think, it works? You definitely need a tool or some kind of equipment to do it. And, that is where singing bowls enter the scene. However, it may not be limited to them alone. There are tuning forks, drums, and Tibetan bowls, which have the same effect. If you use any instrument with expertise, it is bound to create a positive impact. Additionally, the intent is also very important. 

More About Singing Bowls 

You will come across various singing bowls, in the course of the practice. There is the black singing bowl and also the Tibetan singing bowl

Tibetan singing bowl

Tibetan Singing Bowl

It is a bowl that vibrates and produces a rich and very deep tone, when you strike it, with a metal gong. It is said to have deep relaxation properties and can also heal you on different levels. Since the past ages, Buddhist monks have used these singing bowls for various therapies. Massage therapists and yoga therapists also use them. When you strike the singing bowl with the gong, it reverberates with a deep ‘Ommm’ sound. These are considered one of the strongest musical instruments. 

Most Tibetan singing bowls are made of several alloys of metals. They are lead, brass, tin, copper, mercury, silver, and gold. The size of the bowl and the ratio of the metals in the composition also affect the tone, the quality of sound waves, and the depth. You can avail yourself of the tremendous benefits of singing bowls at cost-effective rates. 

Black Singing Bowl

Now, you can also buy these bowls in black and blue colors as well. These black-colored ones often come in brass metal, also called Kansa. They have a rustic look, which adds to their aura. For more than thousands of years, these rustic bowls have been a part of vibrational medicine and sound healing. Make sure that you always source these bowls from authorized shops and online stores. The black colour is also significant, as it tends to absorb negative energies from the surroundings. That is why you will find them in abundance at Tibetan monasteries and gompas. 

black singing bowl

Benefits of Singing Bowls 

Now, that you know of so many varieties of bowls, that you can tune to create beautiful sounds, you should find out about its benefits. 

  • It can calm your frayed nerves and relax you. This is the first benefit, that sound healing of any sort has on the human mind and psyche. If you do not get any other output, still you can be sure of this one. 
  • It has the power to remove most energy blockages. Sound vibrations have the power to clear the chakras and release pent-up energy. It is just like a deep tissue massage, although there is no touch involved. When the actual healing takes place, you can feel different forms of sensations in the body. Some people also feel a sensation of heat or cold. 
  • It also gives a boost to your health. It does so, by improving sleep patterns, reducing chronic pain like arthritis, and also alleviating blood pressure. 
  • Your spiritual aura also opens up, when you attend multiple and repeated synchronized sessions of sound baths and music. It is used in various types of meditation today. They can relax as well as help in the regeneration of muscles. You can find them being used in various kinds of therapies as well. These bowls have the power to alleviate pain in the muscles, joints, and shoulders. 
sound Bowls

Additionally, several scientific studies have been conducted on singing bowls. The analysis has confirmed that Tibetan singing bowls produce specific waves, which are connected to different levels of consciousness. In normal circumstances, the brain produces beta waves. However, the brain produces alpha waves in a state of meditation. The wave patterns that emanate, give a deep sense of relaxation. 

So, it has been proven that sound waves or therapy is one of the strongest and most effective ways to restore harmony in your surroundings. It is just like music, which acts as therapy. For several ages, such tools have been used by mankind in various Chinese therapies as well. You will be amazed to know that the kundalini energy is also activated when you hear these sounds. The chakras get cleared of stagnant energies and lead to bliss.