`Singing Bowl Set – Get The Best One Today

With more and more people realizing the benefits of sound healing, the singing bowl set is getting popular. There are so many different types of singing bowls that you will come across, while looking in the market. So, how do you decide upon the right one? You can take your pick, after you read through this article. 

You will be amazed to know that the idea of healing and meditation through the use of singing bowls has been around for many centuries. Music and sound are an inseparable part of our lives. The singing bowls are probably the first instruments or tools, which mankind ever made. When you strike these bowls with mallets, made from different metals and wood, sound emanates and fills the surroundings. These bowls come in different sizes, from ones that are a few centimeters in diameter, to larger ones. You should get the best singing bowl for yourself, to get all the benefits. 

Singing Bowls In The Himalayan Region 

There is historical evidence that points towards the fact that such bowls have existed since a long time. Tibetans made them and also used them for their endeavors. You may also see singing bowl artifacts in several small villages and towns in Nepal, India, and Tibet. It is also quite possible that the Tibetans first received the knowledge from the Middle East regions. 

In the Himalayas, the monks first adopted the secret chants and mantras that most disciples follow today. During these times, these singing bowls were made of a combination or alloy of seven metals. However, the simple ones that are made from two or three metals, like copper, brass and tin do better. 

Best Singing Bowl Available Today

If you are in the market, looking for a singing bowl, you might as well find out what the availability is like. There are singing bowl sets that will be available, that will either have combinations of different metals, or same metal bowls in different sizes. 

  • Brass Singing Bowls – It is one of the most popular sound healing bowl that you can lay your hands on. Brass is one of the metals, which are easily accessible and affordable. The Tibetans chanced upon Brass, as a possible alternative to Copper and Tin. Moreover, brass is an alloy, so it is easy to shape it the way one wants. Moreover, they do good as artefacts, so you will find them in abundance at most places. If you want to use water in such a singing bowl, to manipulate the sounds, that is also another lucrative option. 
  • Crystal Singing Bowls – These bowls are made from 99.9% crystal compounds. Moreover, they are mostly made of the crystals, that are found in abundance in earth. They are clear quartz, rose quartz, and amethyst. These are more deeply associated with the healing of the body. You will be happy to know, that the sounds which emanate from such bowls, balance the electromagnetic fields, as well. Of particular interest are the quartz crystal bowls, which contain silica. The human body also contains silica, and that explains the attraction between the two. Any singing bowl set may contain either of these or more varieties. The sounds that come out of the bowls can also activate the chakras. 
  • Tibetan Singing Bowl Set – It is one of the most asked for bowl sets, that you will com across. These are made from metals. These bowl sets consist of a singing bowl, a cushion for display, or to play on, and a mallet which is wrapped by leather. You can also display the set in your living room, for others to see. You may also get different types of mallets, with the set. It will help you to produce different notes and sounds. Volumes can also differ, from one to one. You can also gift these fantastic bowl sets to people, you love. 
  • Chakra Singing Bowls – These are also quite common today. It is believed that a human body works well, when all the chakras work properly. If anyone is blocked, it can cause different types of mental and physical ailments. Each chakra vibrates at a certain octave. You can produce sounds from your singing bowls, whose octaves match those of the chakras. 

You will also come across simply-made metal bowls, which can be tuned to produce sounds. However, the sounds will not be as pleasing as the above ones. So, it is imperative for you to buy the most authentic singing bowl set, to get the best benefits. 

There are many available at Holistic Kart. You can buy them online and use them for your ultimate benefits. Get healed by the sounds that emanate out of the singing bowls. Healing, music, meditation, and prayers are some of the possibilities. So, get the most authentic one today.