How To Use A Singing Bowl - Learn It Now

You must have come across sound healing, as one of the healing modalities. It is now a popular alternative healing mechanism. And, many people are practicing it, due to its huge benefits. It is connected to music. Music and sounds are inter-related to a huge extent. Moreover, you must have always noticed, how sounds like musical notes impact the mind and brain, in general. You will feel an increased jolt of energy, and freshness after having completed a sound healing session or course. 

Although, you may know, about the benefits derived from singing bowls, everyone may not know how to use them. That is why, it is necessary for you to read this. 

Sound Healing Bowl And Its Usage 

You can now use sound healing, in the most affordable manner, to impact lives. Many of you may have already bought a few singing bowls, but do not know, how to use them. This guide is for such people, like you. You may also come across a great variety of bowls in the market today. Some are made of a single metal, some are made of alloys, and a few are made of crystals, as well. There are two main ways to play a singing bowl, where you strike the mallet or simply rub the mallet along the rim of the bowl. Learn about the various ways here. 

 how to use a singing bowl

Learn how to use a singing bowl, in complete detail today. 

  • Striking The Bowl – It is one of the easiest ways to use the singing bowl. If you are starting out for the first time, then you should start playing the bowl in this manner, and it is great for beginners. You can hold the bowl in the hand, which is the non-dominant one. The mallet will be in the dominant hand. You have to hold the mallet, like a baton and strike the bowl with the padded side of the tool, against the external part of the bowl. You will instantly witness soft sounds that are pleasant to the ears. Remember to allow the sound to dissipate before striking again. 
  • Rimming The Bowl – You can also practice this method. It is a quite challenging method, which you can master, with some practice. You have to sit for the practice, with a straight spine. Breathe naturally, without any hesitation. Always remember to keep the mallet in the dominant head, so that you can strike it with full power. You can warm up the bowl, by striking the bowl at the mid-exterior. Circle the rim of the bowl in clockwise manner. You can circle the mallet over the part described, at least 5 times. You can compare the motion, to stirring a pot. A sweet and clear sound emanates from the bowl. 

Getting Familiar With Your Mallet 

When you first get your sound healing bowl, the mallet comes in hardwood and with padding. In the beginning, when you just start playing a new bowl with the mallet, the sounds are somewhat of high tone and the depth may be more. But as you continue to use the mallet, over the rim of the bowl, the mallet will start developing deep grooves. You have to play the bowl, with the mallet, for at least 5 times, before it starts producing the original tones, for its intended use. 

Apart from normal alloy or metal bowls, you will come across bowls that utilize water, to create varied sounds. You will be able to fill in the bowls with water, up to 3/4th space inside the bowl, to reminisce the sounds of water creatures. Play the bowl, using the rimming method. After you would have moved the mallet away, the bowl continues to sing. You should always throw away the water and keep the bowl in a clean and dry place after usage. 

singing bowl use

Final Words

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