How Tibetan Singing Bowls Affect Our Body?

Many of you may be familiar with singing bowls. It is basically a type of metal bowl, which can be tuned with a gong. Many people also call them, Himalayan bowls. The Tibetan singing bowl is said to promote relaxation and other healing therapies. These bowls are being used for a long time, in meditation and also in sound healing. Moreover, many wellness practitioners and therapists, use such singing bowls for treatment. So, if you want to know more about the same, read on.

Tibetan Singing Bowls


History Of The Tibetan Singing Bowl

There is an ongoing debate, on the origins of the tibetan singing bowl. It may have originated from China, and used to be made of metals like copper, lead, iron, silver, mercury, etc. Slowly, North Americans and Europeans started transporting or ordering such bowls for their usage. The bowls grew a lot in popularity, sometime from the 1990s. 

Tibetan Singing Bowls

So, you may often wonder, how the bowl affects the body. Here are a few ways, you can use the singing bowl. 

Ways How The Singing Bowl Affects The Body 

  • The first benefit of using a Tibetan singing bowl, is healing. Most healers and shamans use the bowl to guide the mind and the body of the patient, into relaxation mode. The deep sound, that the bowl produces, when tuned is very immersive in nature. Moreover, it brings in a sense of calmness over the individual as well. You can even benefit from the sounds of such bowls, after attending a short-healing session. 
  • They can also calm the brain waves. The sounds also have the power to slow the heart rate and breathing rate. The slower a human being breathes, the better it is for the longevity. The sounds that emanate create a therapeutic as well as restorative effect on the incumbent. 
  • Amazingly, the bowls also balances the chakras. Although, chakras are a part of the aura, and not visible in X-rays and medical tests, they have a huge significance in healing modalities. If the chakras are blocked, then most organs around them, seem to be disturbed as well. You may find inflammation in those surrounding areas, when you go for western medical tests.  
  • The bowls are also linked to stress relief and promotion of seep sleep. To make this clear, a simple explanation may just be required. You must have heard of white noise. White noise promotes sleep. The same can be said about these singing bowls. According to a study conducted in 2019, these have the power to induce deep sleep in 20 minutes or so. Waves produce a meditative state of mind, which facilitates deep sleep. 
  • Many healers and Chinese Doctors use these singing bowls, to reduce the blood pressure. As the bowls vary in shape and size, the size of the mallet or striker also varies. They may be made from metals or wood. So, the sounds and their depth also vary with the use of different kinds of mallets. The unique tones have the power to heal the body. It is known to reduce the systolic pressure. 
  • Researchers have found out that, the Tibetan singing bowl also has the power to strengthen the immune system. Most of the body’s reactions are controlled by hormones. It is seen that stress is the single-most reason behind various kinds of illnesses. Moreover, the hormone system is disturbed, when stress presides over the body. So, many functions of the immune system are also affected. Sound therapy is one of the ways, you can boost the immune system, although a bit indirectly. 
  • The bowls also have a huge effect on the pains that one suffers from. All those who have chronic pain, have benefitted from the sounds that come out of the singing bowls. It acts on the brain waves and calms the stressors in the nervous system. The nerves are mainly responsible for the creation of pain. So, when you use singing bowls, the pain automatically does not appear to much profound. 
Tibetan Singing Bowls

Using A Tibetan Singing Bowl 

Before you start getting all the benefits of the bowls, you need to be clear on their usage. You can use mallets made from different materials, to strike the bowls. The single tones are produced in one strike. When you revolve the mallet around the rim of the bowl, it creates a continuous sound. Close your eyes and focus on the sounds that emanate from the bowl. You have to slow down your breathing as well. Concentrate on the sound and experience the effects.

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When you play the singing bowl near different body parts, the effects also vary. You can strike the bowl near the head, around the body, and also near the abdomen. Singing bowls mainly work by creating vibrations that travel through the body. The vibrations have the power to relax the body, and also makes it stress-free. A relaxed body is able to heal itself in a better manner.