White Hakik Mala: Healing Properties and Uses

White agate rosary also known as white hakik mala varies from a rich white colour, partially translucent, to an opaque off-white. White Agate enhances energy and confidence. The stone brings good luck when in trouble. It also opens up new possibilities during difficult times while grounding the individual. The gentle nature of agate helps create purity and protection. It also prevents potentially harmful negative situations and promotes mental peace and stability. It has a cleansing effect on an emotional and physical level.

White hakik mala is the crystal of liberation and balance. The rosary has a cleansing effect on the individual physically and mentally. It releases trauma and promotes courage to trust the environment. The white hakik mala is also believed to have the power to attract spirit guides and angelic helpers. The crystal enhances intuition, allowing individuals to understand where they are obtaining their energy. The mala beads harmonize both the masculine and feminine aspects of an individual. 

Healing Properties of White Agate Rosary

rosary beads white agate

Physical Benefits

  • Alleviates abdominal problems
  • Cures dental problems and toothache
  • Cures skin conditions like infections and inflammation 
  • Promotes wound healing
  • Relieves morning sickness
  • Detoxify the body 
  • Boosts immunity

Emotional Benefits

  • Protects during nightmares
  • Manage stress and anger
  • Clears the mind
  • Helps to cope with emotional trauma
  • Enhance cognitive functioning
  • Boosts overall well-being
  • bring love into the heart
  • Uplift mood and promotes tranquility in life

Spiritual Benefits 

  • Acts as a protective shield during pregnancy 
  • Harmonizes yin and yang energies
  • Balances the crown chakra
  • Promotes positivity 
  • It allows the energy points to flow freely and gain awareness of the truth.

Uses of White Agate Rosary

Uses of White Agate Rosary


White agate rosary beads can be used at home or in the office to absorb the benefits of other crystals. It cleanses the individual spirit and environment. One may put the beads mala on a shelf or at the altar to uplift oneself spiritually. It helps to clear blockages and strengthen the aura. 


The white hakik mala may also be worn on the neck or wrist, touching the skin to absorb the intentions one is creating. The body's heat helps the individual receive the stone's energy. 


One can use the white hakik mala for mantra chanting or meditation to channel specific energies. It may also be used as a japa mala. one may also chant words and phrases specific to what they are manifesting.

Chakra Balance

The white agate rosary is associated with the crown chakra. The crown chakra is the seventh energy point on the head, representing spirituality and wisdom. It is believed to strengthen the mind's analytical framework, help free it from trauma and give confidence and courage. Meditating on the crown chakra helps to gain mental clarity and perceive the various aspects of life the way it is.

Astrological significance of White Agate Rosary

The white agate rosary is associated with people born under the zodiac sign Gemini. Since they tend to be impulsive and whimsical, crystals can help Gemini make decisions. The white hakik mala beads help to attain goals and solve commitment issues. It also helps to enhance communication skills. White hakik mala also strengthens the planets, venus, and the moon.

 Cleansing of White Agate Rosary

The white agate rosary can be cleaned with water and a cotton cloth. White agate is sensitive to high temperatures and may fade or give rise to cracks if exposed. Some perfumes and deodorants may affect the surface gloss of the crystal.