Tulsi Beads Mala - Benefits & Usage

Tulsi beads mala


Tulsi or the holy Basil is worshiped as one of the most sacred plants in India. As per Hindu scriptures, there are two types of Tulsi mala. One is Rama tulsi and another is Shyama tulsi. Rama tulsi is green in colour and is used for religious and medicinal purposes. It has a sweeter flavour than other varieties of Tulsi. Shyama tulsi is dark green or purple. It has therapeutic properties such as treating respiratory and skin ailments. Tulsi plants are still found in most homes in India for their importance in spirituality, healing, culture, and religion. Different parts of the tulsi plant are believed to have medicinal and therapeutic properties like anticancer, asthmatic, antidiabetic, antihypertensive, and antistress agent.

Tulsi beads are also used as meditation beads mala and are best known for chanting the names of Lord Ram, Krishna, and Vishnu. It is also used to chant mantras for pacifying planetary positions. According to Ayurveda, the Tulsi plant promotes purity and restores the balance of the mind and body. The rosary or mala beads are very small and light which makes them easy to carry. It also maintains spiritual purity and keeps evil spirits away. Wearing the mala puts pressure on several key points in the body, helping to relieve mental stress. Wearing a Tulsi mala emits electrical waves that improve blood circulation in the body. It purifies the mind, body, and soul.

Significance of Tulsi mala according to Vedic Mythology

The Garuda Purana mentions several benefits of Tulsi prayer beads. According to the Garuda Purana, Lord Vishnu lives with Tulsi, who wears the beads. Furthermore, it states that the benefits derived from the prayer beads are millions of times greater than those derived from Devta puja (idol worship), Pitra puja (worship of paternal ancestors), or any other of his Punya karma (good deeds). The Lord of Death sends his deputies to keep a safe distance from this person.

It casts positive vibrations in a person’s aura and helps clear all bad energies. Tulsi mala helps the wearer defeat health problems. The Tulsi beads are also gentle on the skin. In the Skanda Purana, it is said to purify the wearer from the worst sins.

Benefits of Tulsi beads 

  • Heals throat ailments, such as flu, asthma, and cold
  • Calms the mind to progress on the spiritual path
  • Helps with anger management issues
  • Eliminates negative feelings and attracts positivity in life
  • Prevents kidney problems
  • Reduces blood cholesterol and blood pressure by removing the toxins
  • Connects the mind and body
  • Protects from black magic and evil spirits
  • Keeps away bad dreams, fears, accidents, and weapons
  • Increases concentration from excessive distraction
  • Eliminates various health problems like sinus and skin infections
  • Balances Vata and Kapha dosha

Precautions for wearing Tulsi bead mala 

Basil Rosary
  • People wearing a Tulsi Mala are often advised to avoid garlic, onions, and non-vegetarian foods.
  • Gambling, alcohol, and smoking are prohibited after wearing the Tulsi Mala beads
  • It is advised to wear the beads as a mala and not a bracelet
  • One must not share individual Tulsi mala with others
  • As tea and coffee contain nicotine one must avoid tea and coffee too
  • One should not be engaged in illicit relationships
  • Although there are different opinions about when the mala should be worn and when to be removed, malas once worn must not be removed now and then.

Use of Tulsi beads for Meditation

Tulsi mediation beads mala are mainly used for chanting purposes. The most common chanting mantra using the Tulsi beads is the Hare Krishna Maha-mantra. It is mostly chanted by the advocates of the Hare Krishna movement. By chanting this mantra, one is believed to get rid of all his sins and punishments. The mantra also neutralizes the adverse effects of Kaliyuga. It purifies the heart and mind which brings clarity to the thought process. The Maha-mantra helps to free the soul from the suffering of the material world and seek liberation. It improves memory, and concentration and enhances peace and joy in life.

Meditating on the tulsi mala beads also helps to cure the body from any diseases. It helps to balance emotions and build confidence. It is believed to promote progress in the spiritual path by removing fear, stress, anxiety, and depression. Tulsi rosary beads protect us from enemies and the evil eye. Chanting on tulsi mala beads helps to maintain good health and promotes success in business and career opportunities. The mantra consists of sixteen words, which when chanted help the devotee feel connected and closer to God. It purifies the mind from all impurities and eliminates negative patterns of thoughts.