Red Agate Rosary: Healing Properties and Uses

Red Agate or Red Hakik is a stone of power. Warriors used it to gain victory in battle in ancient times. The dark red colour of the red agate rosary represents strength, courage, self-confidence and protection from evil spirits. Red Agate helps to keep the fire burning within and doesn't let any dark energy dull the unique individual radiance. 

However, being a grounding stone, the red hakik mala increases the energy during necessary times. As a preservation stone, it prolongs life. Agate, a protective stone, protects and prevents falls, especially in children. The red agate is also used to protect one's energy against harmful spirits.

Healing Properties Of Red Agate Rosary

red agate rosary

Physical Benefits 

  • Energizes the system
  • Cures blood-related disorders
  • Relieves skin damage from burns
  • Treats chest pain, muscle pain
  • Relieves menstrual cramps
  • Cures digestive imbalances
  • Strengthen the functioning of blood vessels

Emotional Benefits 

  • Promotes positive thinking 
  • Reduces anxiety, stress
  • Increases focus and concentration
  • Enhances creativity and self-expression 
  • Facilitates problem-solving and decision-making skills 
  • Boosts confidence 

Spiritual Benefits 

  • Protects from physical threats and evil eye
  • Bestows motivation to work towards individual passion and goals
  • Promote new beginnings
  • Helps us to navigate through transitions in life
  • Prevents unwanted negative energies from affecting the aura
  • Opens the heart and increases compassion for others 

Use Of Red Agate Rosary

rad agate rosary


Red agate rosary can be worn as a piece of jewelry as it gets applied to the skin, promoting harmonious vibration. These vibrations help alleviate health, emotional and visual disturbances.

Encourages Creativity 

The red hakik mala helps artists such as writers and painters regulate their emotions properly towards discovering and expressing their uniqueness through creativity. It also protects chefs from causing accidents. 

Supports Financial Life

This stone's energy can help people going through financial struggles. It checks excessive spending and negative habits and curbs the desire for things that are not necessary for life.

Chakra Balance 

Red Agate rosary also helps to balance the heart chakra. Therefore, this stone will be the perfect companion if you want to bring a new approach to your romantic relationship. This fiery gemstone can boost your confidence and help you accept who you are. Red Agate frequencies are calming and nourishing and remove any bitterness and resentment that may arise in a relationship. Encourages a fresh start, an open mind, and a heart for new people and perspectives.

It balances the root chakra, which represents security, stability, and physical well-being. The reed hakik mala also strongly connects with the Sacral Chakra (also known as Swadhisthana), just above the Root Chakra, representing willpower. 


Meditating on the red hakik mala maintains positive vibes and attracts joy and vitality into life. It reduces anxiety and a stressful lifestyle. This crystal helps one to find healthier ways to deal with stress and anxiety, like an exercise program or a new hobby.

The Red agate rosary conveys stability and brings light to difficult areas of your life. It brings mental clarity, which promotes objectivity in the perception of life.

Astrological Significance of the Red Agate Rosary

Anyone can gain the benefits of the red agate mala. It is mostly associated with the planet Mars, protects the individual from the ill effects of mars and promotes courage. The fire sign often produces excessive passion, which may blind the individual. The properties of the red hakik mala then promote emotional balance. Capricorns sometimes lack confidence, for which the red agate gives them a sense of security and confidence. 

Cleansing of the Red Agate Rosary

The Red agate mala is so powerful and delicate that one needs to take care of it to get the most out of it. One may rinse the jewelry thoroughly with water once a month. Using a soft cloth to remove excess water and avoid scratches is advisable.