Meditation With Mala Beads

In India, it has been an age-old practice to chant and meditate using japa mala beads. This ethnic necklace has gained more popularity as a fashion accessory along with the advent of wellness tourism. However, those who wear them may want to learn what they represent and their intended function. 

A Japa mala traditionally contains 108 +1 beads which is the Guru bead. The guru bead designates where the prayer beads should begin and end. It is an additional bead that is often larger than the other beads. The guru bead typically has a tassel attached to the end to denote the beginning and end.

Benefits of Using Mala Beads

The sole function of a mala is to direct one's attention to the sound vibrations of the mantra recited during japa. Different forms of mala are used in spiritual practice to attain specific goals. Malas are  designed from various beads, seeds etc. For example, Rudraksha is created from seed, and Tulsi from the tree bark. 

Each type of mala bead holds unique significance and benefits. Rudraksha beads have inherent therapeutic properties that affect both your body and psyche. When used properly, these beads can direct thoughts and energy toward specific goals regarding health, happiness, spiritual upliftment, prosperity, creativity, intuition, wish fulfillment, and self-empowerment. 

Japa malas are also made of organic gemstones and crystals, such as pearl malas and agate malas. Japa malas are popular options. Each gem has its own unique bright energy healing ability. These stones also help to lessen the negative impacts of the planets in life. Crystals balance the aura and clear off any negative energy. Among its many advantages, mala beads promote spiritual development, builds courage, and aids in healing ailments.

How To Use Japa Mala For Meditation 

Japa mala meditation
  • Select a location and sit comfortably with your eyes closed and your spine straight. Take a few deep breaths to ground yourself and connect yourself with your objective.
  • If you have a mantra, chant it either aloud or in silence.
  • Hold mala between your middle and index finger in your right hand. Do not use your index finger to rest your mala as it is thought to represent the ego"ego."
  • Use your thumb to count each bead, bringing it closer to you while you chant your mantra. Travel around the mala in this manner 108 times, stopping at the guru bead each time.
  • As you reach the guru bead, do not cross the guru bead. Flip the mala to start your chanting again. 
  • Try adding a deep inhale and exhalation as you repeat your mantra on each bead as you become more adept at utilizing your mala for meditation.

One may also wear their meditation beads around the neck or wrist as a constant reminder of their goals even when not actively meditating with them.

How To Activate Mala Beads

Activating mala beads

An intention is a goal that one may have to change their life for the better. For example, desiring to be healthier, quitting a harmful habit, for protection, creativity, abundance, etc. To turn your intentions into manifesting, one can use affirmations. Consider an affirmation as the result you want to manifest in your life. Affirmations should be spoken as though they are in the present and that you are the one speaking them. 

  • Holding your mala or bracelet in the palms of your hands, sit calmly.
  • Say your intention out loud after visualizing the light encircling it. You may also envision it in your mind.
  • When you meditate, wear your mala to embody the intentions you want to bring into your life.

To empower the manifestation, you can meditate and contemplate on your goals. It is necessary to match the type of energy you intend with your own. Ex- You must believe that you are in peace if you want peace. Whatever you are visualizing should be free of any negative connections. Avoid negative self-talk and if a negative idea arises while meditating, note it and let it pass.

How To Cleanse Mala Beads

Once the mala beads are active, one may want to cleanse them periodically. Beads collect and store energy, so cleansing the mala beads is beneficial. Lending or sharing malas must be prevented. There are several options available to cleanse or recharge the mala. 

  • Exposing the mala to sunlight or moonlight.
  • Light a white sage and hold the mala above it. Allow the stream of smoke to rise upward, touching the beads and tassel. One may also pair it with a positive affirmation.
  • Give the mala beads some time to become enveloped in the smoke.
  • Using the sound vibrations of a singing bowl while putting the mala inside.