Green Agate Rosary: Healing Properties and Uses

The beautiful translucent green agate rosary or green hakik mala is a variant of agate crystal promoting health and fertility. The green agate stone symbolizes happiness, beauty, and harmony. The green color of agate is directly related to health. It strengthens the connection between mind, body, and spirit and promotes peace in everyday life because the power of green and the mineral qualities of the stone provides a sense of balance and order for transformation, strength, and courage for change.

Healing Properties of Green Agate Rosary 

green agate rosary

Physical Benefits

  • Effective for issues related to teeth, bones and eyes
  • Treats different headaches, migraines, and skin conditions
  • Beneficial to the health of both mother and child during pregnancy
  • Regulate blood circulation
  • Balance blood pressure
  • Promotes proper regulation of emotions
  • Heals bladder, digestive and intestinal issues

Emotional Benefits

  • Helpful for healing mental and psychiatric disorders.
  • Relieves insomnia, stress, depression
  • Promotes the logical and analytical thinking
  • Facilitates decision-making skills
  • It helps to lift individuals during adversities 
  • Boosts self-esteem
  • It helps to heal and learn from past mistakes

Spiritual Benefits

  • Protects from the evil eye, harmful energies and negativity
  • Balances the heart chakra and sacral chakra
  • Promotes a sense of peace
  • Unlocks spiritual powers like clairvoyance
  • Promotes personal growth and self knowledge
  • Boosts courage necessary for transformation

Uses of Green Agate Rosary 

agate prayer beads


Some people love the green hakik mala as an accessory to wear as a lucky charm. As jewelry, the prayer beads are in direct contact with the skin and always stay in the auric field. So you can bathe in balanced energy throughout the day.


The green hakik mala is a famous crystal among meditators, healers, and artists. People who want to feel their spiritual power can meditate or chant mantras using these prayer beads. Green agate rosary works beautifully when held in hand during personal reflection sessions. 

Chakra Balancing 

The green agate rosary balances the heart chakra. All kinds of communication problems can occur when this chakra is blocked. The green hakik mala creates a flow of love. It encourages one to be more open and honest with their loved ones. The green agate prayer beads also balances the sacral chakra, the epicenter of emotions. It teaches one to find harmony within and allows them to feel all the basic emotions. 

Feng shui 

The Green agate mala is also suitable as a decorative item. It plays a significant role in feng shui and represents mercy, generosity, and peace. One may hang the prayer beads in a mala rack in the room and the home will absorb its energy while creating a livable space. One will immediately feel uplifted by the stone's mighty healing powers, its luminous sense of balance, strength and sense of  harmony.

Astrological significance of Green Agate Rosary 

Green agate rosary


Anyone can receive the benefits of Green Agate Rosary, regardless of their zodiac sign. However, the two signs that best match the effects of this balancing stone are Gemini and Virgo. Geminis are very good at finding peace between the yin and yang in their personalities. However, they can use a little help. Green hakik mala helps them to see the balance. It also helps the zodiac sign Virgos to find balance while dealing with sudden changes in their life. It also makes them strong-willed and decisive people. This stone promotes and restores peace in their life.

How to Cleanse Green Agate Rosary 

The cleansing of the green hakik mala is done by soaking the crystal in a jar with added sea salt or sage. Agate is sensitive to heat, and prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause the color to fade. One may store their green agate prayer beads wrapped in a soft cloth. After being cleansed, one may also meditate on it and set an intention for the highest possible good.