Benefits of Sphatik Mala

 Sphatik mala

Sphatik or quartz is an abundant mineral that is known for its ability to absorb, store and regulate energy. It is the perfect crystal to restore balance. This quartz is sometimes called the "master healer" as it tends to amplify the energies, thoughts, and effects of other crystals. It is popularly associated with inner healing and spiritual growth. The rosary is known for its high frequencies. It clears the chaos created in the mind helping the individual reach their highest potential. 

The quartz beads are very powerful, especially for those setting new goals. It supports achieving a unique vision for each individual. Additionally, Sphatik beads have the power to reduce distraction from the outside world, create paths to goals, and transform them into reality in the mind's eye. It heals and revitalizes on emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual levels. Altogether, it creates harmony between the chakras, aligns the spiritual body, and sustains balance.

Benefits of Sphatik mala

  • Increased mental clarity
  • Stabilize emotions and increases concentration
  • Brings prosperity and improves the financial situation
  • Enhances intuitive power and memory
  • Helps to bring mental clarity to see the truth in different situations and gain new perspectives
  • Aids in anger management 
  • Strengthen deep and emotional relationships
  • Eliminates any negativity surrounding the aura and the environment
  • Helps to cleanse on a physical, mental, and spiritual level
  • Brings stability to the individual and life
  • Heals hypertension and relieves stress levels 
  • Assures undisturbed sleep and treats insomnia
  • Heals migraine, exhaustion, and fatigue

Use of Sphatik mala

Feng shui

Sphatik mala is also beneficial in Feng Shui. Feng Shui is not just for the home. It also includes personal chi and energy. One way to purify and protect the personal qi is to wear clear quartz mala on the body. This is how one can harness the protective energies of the crystal as they move through the day. One may wear the rosary and even carry it in a rosary bag, purse, or pocket. It helps to keep negative energy at bay throughout the day.


If one has a fast-paced work life and has too many deadlines to meet, Sphatik mala is great for improving mental clarity and concentration. Placing the beads closer to the work area may help to set new goals. The crystal is known to promote financial growth in different areas of life.

Physical healing

It offers many health benefits for those seeking physical healing. The stone stimulates the immune system, boosts metabolism, and is amazing when it comes to reducing fever by expelling excess heat. 


It is also one of the best crystals for manifestations, as it helps to achieve clarity regarding life purposes. It declutters the mind so that one is sure of their needs and wants. One must create an attainable task-oriented plan to achieve their wish.


Meditation using the Sphatik mala has countless benefits. From improving concentration to curing lifestyle diseases, meditation has amazing powers to heal the mind, body, and soul. Practicing meditation with Sphatik beads multiplies the intensity of the crystal which radiates positive energy. The cooling properties of the mala help to soothe the mind and connect with the inner self. It helps to bring equilibrium to the body and mind.

Mantra meditation

Sphatik mala is recommended for the invocation of divine energies. It is used as a prayer rosary to worship and chant mantras of Lord Shiva, Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Saraswati, and Goddess Durga.


The Sphatik beads are used mainly for the planet Venus, to enhance its spiritual side. It is also used to reduce the malefic effects of the planet Moon. Quartz is sometimes suggested to be worn as a substitute for diamonds. It is a popular birthstone for individuals born under the sign of Aries and Leo. At times, Aries can be very passionate and ambitious which may burn them out easily. The quartz beads help them to balance energy. It also helps Leo to eliminate old patterns and let go of worrying about others’ perceptions of them.

Chakra balance

It balances the energies of each energy center and connects well with each chakra. The quartz beads' clear blockages purify the aura and invite the flow of energy. However, it especially stimulates the third eye and crown chakra which denotes awareness vision, and, wisdom. It helps the individual to connect with higher possibilities bestowed by the universe. 

Lastly, Sphatik mala is very powerful which promote intuition and help a person reflect on their strengths. It adapts harmoniously with the universe and the mind, body, and spirit of every individual. One of the best ways to obtain the full benefit of quartz energy is by wearing it, to stay connected with the higher, positive vibrations of the crystal.